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Sometimes our clients are looking award banquet after dinner entertainment speakerfor a longer, more inspiring presentation. That's another way that after dinner speaker Bob Garner can help you provide an empowering, yet entertaining treat for your guests.

An an entertaining motivational speaker, Bob works closely with you to construct a presentation that specifically addresses the needs and concerns of your group and provides ideas and strategies that not only make sense, but are usable both professionally and personally.

In addition to his content, being a top corporate entertainer, Bob knows how to amaze and delight your group! Bob reinforces points of his presentation with his trademark use of demonstrations of mind reading, clean humor and polite audience participation.

Bottom line: as an 
after dinner speaker or after dinner funny keynote speaker, Bob is going to help you "WOW" your group.

funny motivational speaker is just the right addition to any event. Too much information, power points or stats can overload your group. That's why - as funny motivational speakers go - Bob will provide inspiration and entertainment, in a way that your group will appreciate and remember.

Here are just a few testimonials about after dinner keynote speaker Bob Garner!

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Remember, you decide how much entertainment and how much information you want Bob to deliver in his presentation.

The whole point of using a corporate event entertainment keynote like Bob is to provide the "WOW" factor to your group.

How do you know if you will get a funny keynote speaker who will deliver the "WOW" Factor? Take a look at the video to the right...

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Here are just a few written comments from some of Bob's clients:

"'Once you see him, you will never forget him' is exactly true, when you're talking about Bob Garner. Within minutes of Bob meeting our staff, he was doing amazing things. Yet, the best was still to come. As our after-dinner speaker, Bob took our top sales people on a fascinating, mysterious, and fun journey that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Bob customized his program to meet our needs and reinforced the message that we wanted our audience to hear. In addition to his message, Bob's mind reading skills blew people away. Even though Bob had never met 95% of our group before that night, he accurately revealed our inner thoughts. He read minds, predicted the future, divulged the names of friends, relatives, and pets, as well as phone numbers, social security numbers, and personal addresses, while still making us all laugh and smile."
 - LABSCO National SalesMeeting

"A rousing standing ovation from over 800 human resource professionals! Bob tailored his presentation to address our needs; provided ideas and strategies that our group could immediately apply; amazed us with magic and ESP, and had us all laughing until our sides ached from his comedy and impersonations!"
- IHRIM - International Human Resource Information Management

"A standing ovation for Bob Garner! What a delight it was to have Bob come and speak at our 20th Anniversary Celebration. Our unique group represents cities, counties, and organizations in West Texas and every year, I try to coordinate an informative, yet fun program for our members. This year, Bob helped me to hit a major home run. His presentation was not only customized to feature our information, but also was highly entertaining and mystifying. Bob's intellectual entertainment of mind reading and demonstrations of ESP were absolutely fascinating and, at times, scary. How he was able to read the minds of our group was astonishing! I had many text messages and calls after the event from my members stating how much they enjoyed the event and - especially - Bob. Finally, Bob was easy to work with and very professional. I know that there will be opportunities to work with him again in the future."

- High Ground of Texas 20th Anniversary Event.

Bob is recognized as an entertaining motivational speaker who actually has something to say. His content combined with his astonishing skills, quick wit and ability to involve audience members in the fun makes him a great choice as an after dinner speaker or after dinner entertainment.

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