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Corporate party entertainment is all about providing your guests with a corporate party entertainment
fun experience in a relaxing setting! This is another area where corporate entertainer Bob Garner helps you shine!

Buffet style events are very popular due to the casualness and networking opportunities for your guests. Sometimes the events are pool side and other times they are in ballrooms or private retreats.

Additionally casino nights and hospitality suites make for fun corporate party entertainment. By incorporating Bob at these events, you provide your guests with even more entertainment that they could never experience at similar function. (And you do want to stand out in the minds of your guests, don't you?)

If you're looking for a way to do that, 
corporate entertainer and corporate magician Bob Garner is the right choice. (Even though it says "corporate magician," Bob is much more that that! He is a corporate mentalist that provides sophisticated, yet fun entertainment that will be talked about long after your event is over.)

Instead of
after dinner entertainment, your guests can eat when they like and then be entertained by the sophisticated and astonishing skills of mentalist Bob Garner.

The best way to showcase corporate party entertainer Bob Garner and provide your group with a classy, yet unique experience is to station him at a specific location.

This is far more effective, as well as less intrusive, for your guests than having what is usually a close-up magician approaching your guests while they are eating, drinking or networking.

Whether you're looking for 
hospitality suite entertainment or corporate party entertainment, which may be held outdoors/poolside or in conjunction with a casino night or other entertainment and fun, Bob Garner will help make your event stand out in the minds of your guests! Bob will help you take your corporate event entertainment offerings to a high level of excitement and fun!

Corporate Party Entertainment • Corporate Event Entertainment

Here's how it works:

Working from a specific station at your event, Bob keeps the energy and excitement levels in high gear. (After all, Bob is one of the top 
trade show magicians and trade show mentalists in the world...he knows how to capture a crowd's attention!) Through amazing demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, as well as palm reading and more, Bob will not only captivate your group, but also help you deliver an event that will be talked about and remembered.

Power Package: Have Bob appear at your reception, before of after one of his programs. You not only add more mystery, excitement and fun to your event, but also save money!

Put a table in an area of your event. Place a few rows of chairs and several taller bar chairs in front of the table, as well as some lighting and a small sound system.

This "mini" show delivered throughout your event adds glamor, mystery, and fun. Your group will experience things, they will not soon forget.

In case you missed it on the home page, here is a quick video showing corporate party entertainer Bob at work:


Give your guests something they will remember and
talk about AFTER your event is over.

Give them Bob Garner

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